Kazakhstanis Are London’s Latest Property Investors

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Kazakhstanis Are London's Latest Property Investors

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According to kapital.kz, a Kazakh business portal,the people of Kazakhstan are no strangers to purchasing properties abroad, mainly in Dubai and London.

During the financial crisis in 2011, demand for overseas properties fell sharply, however, recent survey conducted by the Kazakhstan real estate federation shows that the Kazakh’s are returning to purchasing overseas properties once again.

According to one of the companies, the same amount of property has been sold since the beginning of this year as over six months in 2011.

The Kazakh’s view on real estate is purely for business purposes as most mainly buy overseas properties as a means of investments.

At present, Kazakhstan nationals are interested in purchasing housing in London and Dubai. Such countries as Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Thailand, and Egypt however were believed to be a popular choice during the pre-crisis period.

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