Stoke Newington

Stoke Newington has long had a reputation as an area popular with artists, political radicals and other types of unique, interesting people. This for a long time, made Stoke Newington a very trendy area to live.
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  • Introduction to Stoke Newington

    Stoke Newington has long had a reputation as an area popular with artists, political radicals and other types of unique, interesting people. This for a long time, made Stoke Newington a very trendy area to live. Modern Stoke Newington has thrown off much of this reputation, and is now a great place for families to settle down, and still be close enough to the centre of London. However, it still has some of that trendy, almost bohemian vibe left. The local high street is a shopper’s paradise, with plenty of quality retailers, as well as supermarkets and other convenience stores. However, this does not mean that Stoke Newington is an urban sprawl, it has plenty of green space. This includes West Reservoir, and the old pumping station that has been turned in to a sports facility, including an indoor climbing school. However, Clissold Park is the major green space in Stoke Newington. This is a large community park, that has plenty of facilities including a green bowling and tennis courts. It also has several lovely ponds, and tended animal enclosures containing goats and deer. This is a lovely place to visit in the summer months, to enjoy the long forest walk, or for children to get to meet the animals. The architecture has roots in Quaker style. His makes Stone Newington something a little different architecturally from other areas of London. Overall, Stone Newington is an up and coming area for families, who need to stay close to the city. Great facilities, good schooling and some lovely green spaces. Stoke Newington House Prices In 2015, most of the properties sold in Stoke Newington were flats or apartments, for an average price of just under £500,000. Terraced properties sold on average for almost £1 million. Interestingly, semi-detached properties were cheaper, at £840,00 on average.
  • Transport links in Stoke Newington

    Stone Newington does not have its own London Underground station. However, the overland service from Stone Newington Station runs in to Dalston Junction, where tune services can be caught. There are a number of bus services running from Stork Newington in to central London regularly. These head to Aldgate, Victoria and Waterloo.
  • Schools in Stoke Newington & public services

    There are plenty of schools in Stoke Newington. For primary aged children, the most popular options are Grazebrook and William Patten. However, there is only a single secondary school run by the state in Stoke Newington, and this is Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form. There are also a number of private and ethnically specialized schools. Other Services Each Saturday, there is a local farmers market held on Stoke Newington High Street, where locals can buy fresh farm produce at reasonable prices. Stoke Newington Library is open all week and offers normal library lending services, as well as reading rooms and reading group events.
  • Restaurants and Bars in Stoke Newington

    Nightlife and entertainment in Stoke Newington is fairly well developed, with some great bars, pubs and restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes. Bars/Pubs: For Guinness lovers, the Auld Shillelagh is a great pub. Indeed, it professes to sell the best Guinness north of the River Thames. For real ale fans, the Jolly Butchers is a great, traditional pub in every way. It was listed as one of the top ten pubs in England by the Guardian newspaper. Stokey Stop is a bar that has regular comedy nights, a cool and trendy establishment, popular with young professionals. Restaurants: There is some great food in Stoke Newington. The oddly named Black Pig with White Pearls is a fantastic tapas bar, with some great Mediterranean inspired food on offer. Another great Mediterranean restaurant is Homa, and this is also a great restaurant for vegetarians, with a wide range of vegetarian dishes on offer. For India food, the Rasa is something special, authentic South Indian cuisine, as hot and spicy as you can stand it. Other Entertainment: The Arcola Theater puts on over 60 separate productions each year. This is one of the most prolific drama venues in London. For cinema fans the Rio Cinema offers a trip back in time. A traditional English Cinema showing artistic movies and old classics. Music lovers will enjoy the Vortex Jazz Club. A long running Jazz establishment known all over London.